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For ZAHORANSKY, close customer relationships and long-term partnerships are an integral part of the company philosophy. For this reason, we are pleased about every successful commissioning of a machine or complete plant. Our customers can rely on our products to do their work reliably and often to be in use for decades. We are happy to share the positive feedback from many companies.

Halfway between Prague and Brno lies the town of Pelhřimov. SPOKAR a.s. has been based there for over 140 years. The company, whose history dates back to 1882, produces a wide range of brushes of all kinds and is the largest in this field on the Czech market. The products are largely exported to the UK, Scandinavia, Germany and other countries.

The portfolio covers a wide range of different products:

SPOKAR has experienced great growth in all business areas in recent years and has state-of-the-art production lines, which are being expanded in line with demand. ZAHORANSKY and SPOKAR have a long-standing business relationship. The fibers of the brushes, for example, are tufted in fully automated lines supplied by ZAHORANSKY, among others. In November, three new machines for the production of interdental brushes were added to the existing six: a Z.SAILFIN and two M6D assembly units.

SPOKAR can already boast more than 10 prestigious international awards for the design of its products, including the most valuable – three Red Dot Design Awards (for the NOVA brush and for the SPOKAR XD interdental brush and its packaging) and German Design Award

German Desing Award 2023

The premium range of Spokar XD children’s toothbrushes has a unique design. This is based on the perfect ergonomics that result from holding a brush in children’s hands. This allows the brush head to move so that the teeth are brushed at the best angle. The high quality of the product is supported by the use of fine fibers that reduce gum irritation. SPOKAR XD toothbrushes are produced in a wide range of attractive colors, which makes the toothbrush popular with children.

The SPOKAR XML interdental brush is characterized by maximum functionality with minimum use of materials. The X-shaped handle supports the natural position of the thumb and index finger when holding. Thanks to the L-shape, the brush easily reaches the back interdental spaces. The product is available in five different sizes.

The jury also praised the original packaging of the SPOKAR XM interdental brushes. The paper packaging with internal fixation insert guarantees reliable protection of the brushes and can be easily recycled after use. These interdental brushes are manufactured on the new Z.SAILFIN production line, which of course also has all the manufacturing steps perfectly under control – in literally excellent quality.