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With the H142 and H107 handling systems, time-consuming manual interventions into the production process of brushes and toothbrushes, which are often prone to error, are a thing of the past. Automate both the feeding of any brush handles as well as the handover of completed toothbrushes to a Z.PACK packaging machine. A great added bonus: a continuous, hygienic “no-human-touch” process!

The new H142 handle feeding machine comes with a camera system integrated into the robotic arm, to fully automatically clear up any mess of brushes: each brush handle is quickly and reliably recognized, picked up, and placed at the correct position for the next production processes. The universal gripping unit registers and separates TPE multi-component brushes with a complex geometry up to a handle length of 400 mm as well as toothbrush handles with lengths of 70 to 210 mm. The feeding unit is configured for another model in just minutes, thanks to the camera system. The proprietary controls enable quick loading of new recipes.

After a toothbrush has passed all stations of the production process, rolls out of the machine at the end, and is ready for packaging by a Z.PACK, the new handle feeding unit H107 comes into play. It can fully automatically sort up to 120 brushes/minute, spread them to the correct pitch, and provide them with a flexibly oriented brush head. Here too, all manual interventions are replaced by an automatic process. Toolless changeovers of the handle feeding are additionally possible in just a few minutes, minimizing machine standstill. Can be retrofitted seamlessly into existing systems for toothbrush production and packaging (Z.PACK 5 and up).