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On a new microsite, ZAHORANSKY will be presenting the latest technologies and use cases relating to the manufacture and use of pharmaceutical primary packaging consisting of COC/COP-based materials instead of glass.

The process of administering medications should be as safe as possible – in hospitals as well as medical practices and vaccination centers, or when self-medicating at home, for example in the case of chronic and acute illnesses. The foundation for this is already laid during production with pre-packaged, fillable staked-needle syringe bodies or pre-filled syringes. Not only can products made of plastic instead of glass be manufactured more reliably and in high quality via ZAHORANSKY systems – thanks to their form, which is flexibly tailored to the type of application, they make handling easier for everyone involved and ensure the correct dosage.

Berthold Schopferer, Head of Project Planning at ZAHORANSKY Automation & Molds GmbH

For example, ZAHORANSKY supplied a PRIMA Z tube for the production of a tube applicator for a rotavirus vaccine for children from the age of six weeks, so that the drug can be administered as easily as possible in the context of self-medication – something that would be unthinkable with a glass tube. This and other use cases, as well as the corresponding technologies, are presented on the microsite

Compared to glass, plastic offers invaluable advantages in the area of laboratory analysis and when administering medication.

Even the production of COC/COP-based containers is much more reliable, because the needle can be positioned more flexibly before overmolding and is not melted or glued in. On top of this, you benefit from a reduced risk of breakage, meaning less care is required during transport, storage and handling. Last but not least, the shelf life of highly delicate medicines is significantly extended thanks to the pH-neutral surface. Depending on the product, more than ten camera systems are used with ZAHORANSKY installations for the purposes of quality assurance. The final check is then carried out by an integrated 100 percent X-ray system.

The PRIMA Z syringe for staked needle syringes, for example, is the first production line on the market featuring a 16-cavity mold for manufacturing syringes as primary pharmaceutical packaging for liquid medicines. These so-called parenteral syringes are produced through a modern plastic injection molding process with overmolded cannulas. Compared to glass syringes, these do not need to be washed, dried and sterilized before filling.

Drug delivery systems such as micropumps, pen injectors and inhalers are manufactured using the LIVA Z, which always enables safe and reliable dispensing of contents.

With the VITRO Z models, the high global demand for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) – such as dialyzers, pipette tips, cuvettes, laboratory consumables and blood collection tubes – can be met. Capillary dialyzers can be manufactured particularly quickly using the VITRO Z dialyzer, with a completely assembled and tested dialyzer produced by the system every four seconds. A unique selling point is the drying process of the semi-permeable membrane filter developed and patented by ZAHORANSKY. When it comes to blood collection tubes (blood tubes), the advantages of plastic as a substitute material for glass really come into their own: There is no risk of breakage, handling is easier and storage is less complicated.