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To reinvent oneself, one must vigorously part ways with old ways of thinking and venture onto new paths without looking back. ZAHORANSKY set out to do exactly that when designing the CUBE, and now revolutionizes the production of toothbrushes!

CUBE: Greatest flexibility and efficiency within the smallest space

The three-part, modular design of this global innovation – consisting of a Base Unit, Supply Unit, and Cover Unit – sets new standards in the production of anchor-tufted toothbrushes, together with the ZMI 4.0 machine controls. Various Base Units can be integrated into a single CUBE to produce greater quantities or adapt to changes in market requirements placed on toothbrushes. The sequence of the tufting and finishing units can be adjusted flexibly. The CUBE is particularly flexible when it comes to the type of processing: It runs in parallel manufacturing when producing greater quantities, with all CUBES producing the same brush model. Serial manufacturing can be activated with large/small holes as well as deep/high bundles. Without making any changes to the mechanics.

Other strengths of the new CUBE

With complex toothbrush topographies (high/deep cut), it is possible to, for example, first tuft and cut the low filaments and then the higher ones, avoiding the complex spreading process usually necessary for this. In addition to a performance of 40 brushes per minute and Base Unit, this has made it possible to increase the tufting speed from 1,000 to 1,200 tufts/minute.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, but this only partially applies to the CUBE. ZAHORANSKY has come up with a special concept when it comes to delivery to the customer and on-site installation: the electronics and control cabinets have been moved up to reduce the footprint of the machine. This makes it possible to deliver the CUBE to the customer in a container, ready for operation – no lengthy on-site assembly is required, the machine more quickly enters into productive manufacturing, and takes up less space in the production hall. The operator has a transparent front which increases efficiency of operation and makes it easier to access the machine for maintenance. Various production orders can easily be carried out by programming the new ZAHORANSKY machine controls ZMI 4.0, which are intuitive in operation.

Reasons to pick the CUBE

  • The modular basic design of the CUBE offers great flexibility and efficiency with a minimum footprint
  • Production quantities scalable without compromises: output of 40 brushes/minute with one CUBE Base Unit; 80 brushes/minute when connecting another CUBE Base, etc.
  • High tufting speeds from 1,000 to 1,200 tufts/minute
  • Various toothbrush models with different designs can be produced on a single machine using the ZMI 4.0 programming
  • Reworked, flexibly scalable handle feeding for brush handles made of bulk material
  • Optical camera recognition of the handle shapes for easy changeovers to other models
  • Integrated Carrier Transport System (CTS) to transport the handles through the Base Unit with tools for tufting, cutting, and rounding
  • Flexible adjustment of the tufting and finishing tools sequence – perfect for complex cutting topographies