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For ZAHORANSKY, close customer relationships and long-standing partnerships are an integral part of the company’s philosophy. For this reason, we are always pleased when we complete another successful commissioning of a machine or a complete system. Our customers can rely on our products to help them carry out their work reliably and to remain in use for decades. We are happy to share the positive feedback we receive from many companies with others.

The company CKovacs Ind Mat Plástico, based in the Taboão da Serra district of Sao Paulo, Brazil, specializes in the manufacture and distribution of oral hygiene products with the brand “Dental K”. Their portfolio includes dental floss and toothbrushes for all ages and is available in a wide range of designs and sales options.

Although the toothbrushes have been produced with ZAHORANSKY machines since 2008, the business relationship goes back even further. Managing Director Cristielen Kovacs recalls the first machine purchased at that time: “Our partnership with ZAHORANSKY began 18 years ago with the purchase of a Z1ES. At the time, we were very impressed by this technology from Germany, which offered us new possibilities in toothbrush production. As a result, we have expanded both our market offering and our range of ZAHORANSKY machines.”

The technology, however, was not the only aspect that played an important role in the purchase decision, as Cristielen Kovacs explains: “I felt that our relationship with ZAHORANSKY became closer and our partnership stronger after purchasing our first Z1ES machine. Since then, we have always been well taken care of and now have a very close business relationship.”

Toothbrushes for every need

CKovacs currently has seven machines in operation that can produce up to 700,000 toothbrushes per month. The product range includes toothbrushes for every age group and budget, for children and adults, as well as special economy packs, and travel toothbrushes.

  • The polypropylene versions for children are particularly colorful and are available in versions with 30, 33, and 34 bristles both with and without a tongue scraper.
  • The adult range is also extensive, offering a wide selection of 34, 35, and 38 bristles, with different handles and colors.
  • The special travel toothbrush with 35 bristles is particularly compact for convenient storage.
  • The economy packs contain different versions of the toothbrushes with 34, 35, and 38 bristles.

New in the machine fleet: a Z.ORCA113i

Cristielen Kovacs learned about the latest acquisition at an open house event hosted by ZAHORANSKY Brazil. The Z.ORCA113i joined the company’s machine fleet in summer 2022. This new acquisition has a special significance for the company, as Cristielen Kovacs affirms: “The purchase was an important milestone for our company! The increased number of stations has allowed us to further improve the quality and competitiveness of our products. In addition, this has made it possible to integrate a barcode into our production, which is essential in our manufacturing today. I am very pleased and satisfied to have made this investment and hope to be able to purchase another ZAHORANSKY machine soon.”