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Anyone who chooses injection molds, machines and automation solutions from ZAHORANSKY for manufacturing high-quality products should also keep service and maintenance in mind to ensure sustainable production and investment security. With the aim of ensuring durable and economical operation throughout the entire life cycle of their molds, machines and systems, ZAHORANSKY supports its customers with expertise, comprehensive services, provision of original spare parts, and individual maintenance contracts.

“What makes our service particularly special is that our customers can describe their concerns to one of our experienced technicians on their very first call. As they are very familiar with all of our products, they provide the customer with immediate expert support. Instead of a lengthy process, malfunctions can often be rectified within the first conversation. Therefore, machine malfunctions and downtimes can be kept to a minimum,” emphasizes Artur Seger, Head of Global Services & Support at ZAHORANSKY AG.

The service technicians work closely together across all subsidiaries and teams of experts are put together for each task on a customer-specific basis – across departments and disciplines. “In addition, each customer has a central contact person from the respective region for the entire life cycle of their system,” explains Seger.

More efficiency thanks to digital solutions

ZAHORANSKY also relies on powerful digital solutions for even higher service quality and faster analysis across all borders, and has constantly expanded its services in this area. “We also use digital tools such as desktop sharing, our ZOLVE app, the ZOLVE online portal and the SERVICE CASE for troubleshooting, maintenance work and even for commissioning new machines,” says Seger about the high level of digitalization of services. The ZOLVE app and the ZOLVE online portal offer real-time communication via audio and video with the ZAHORANSKY experts. The SERVICE-CASE is a compact case that can be sent to customers worldwide within a few days and, among other things, provides support with four high-resolution cameras, two Bluetooth headsets and a small computer for troubleshooting or commissioning new machines. “In addition, database solutions for all mechanical, electrical and control technology assemblies in conjunction with online access to the control system or the digital twin provide valuable assistance in troubleshooting and fault rectification,” says Seger.

Individual maintenance contracts, spare and wear parts packages

“Unfortunately, not all spare parts are the same. That’s why you shouldn’t compromise on quality here neither. After all, what is cheap at first can become expensive later on due to machine downtime or loss of productivity,” Seger points out. This is why ZAHORANSKY offers its customers original spare parts in original equipment quality with the best material quality. Precisely matched to the use of the machines and injection molds, they have a positive effect on process reliability, machine availability, service life and value retention. When purchasing a ZAHORANSKY solution, customers have the option of choosing one of the various wear and spare parts packages. “Regular maintenance is another building block for keeping production reliability high and downtime low. We offer the JADE, RUBY and DIAMOND maintenance contracts, which build on each other, in order to take individual customer requirements into account in the best possible way,” says Seger.

Training program for specialist knowledge

“Knowing how to handle machines correctly minimizes malfunctions or even downtime and increases machine availability. This is why highly trained machine operators are the key to a company’s economic success,” Seger is certain. ZAHORANSKY sets standards with a comprehensive training program and imparts specialist knowledge for daily work on the machines. There is a choice between a wide range of standardized courses that build on each other. Individual training courses are also available upon request. All courses take place at the ZAHORANSKY training center at the headquarters in Todtnau or, if desired, at the customer’s location.